40 Healthy Habits to Help You Make a Good Clean Start

40 healthy habits from Good Clean Health

40 healthy habits from Good Clean Health to help you turn a new leaf this fall. This checklist will change your life forever. Save it, print it, post it, share it, do it! You won't regret it.

Summer is a time for care-free play, much needed time off from work and if we are lucky, relaxation.  Many of us use the summertime to rebuild our reserves for the rest of the year.  As the whimsical days of summer come to an end we must start reintegrating ourselves in to the more structured and scheduled autumnal season.  This means the kids are back to school, we are back to work and even the thought of free time gets gobbled up by the "the daily grind".  But fall doesn't have to be a grind. You just need to find more innovative ways to get what you need out of a day.  That is why I love this time of year!  Why you ask?  Why do you love the time of year where you barely have enough time to brush your teeth  never mind pack a healthy lunch for your kids before you are out the door?  I love fall because it gives me a chance to reinvent the wheel and find new and exciting ways to bring health & happiness not only to me but to my entire family.

Yes, it was not easy at first. That is normal. No time to work out, no energy to make a healthy dinner, feeling guilty for taking time for yourself, and being SO TIRED! Do these  "excuses" sound familiar?  We all face these challenges but if we clearly define our goals and intentions and plan and prepare then healthy choices do not need to be any more difficult than unhealthy ones.

I am here to tell you that there is a clear and simple key to successfully overcoming these challenges...Clean Food.  Simply stated, if you eat well you will be well.  The transition between summer and fall is the perfect time for  your Good Clean start. Turn your new leaf...trust me you won't regret it.

What are some the benefits of eating a whole food diet? When you and your family eat nourishing foods you will:

  1. Not get sick as often or recover faster because your immune system is stronger
  2. Need less sleep
  3. Your body will find it's ideal body weight and maintain it
  4. Your moods will improve and be more balanced
  5. You will have more energy
  6. You will experience a greater sense of centeredness
  7. You will enjoy feeling satisfied and nourished. When you eat whole foods your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function optimally and therefore you will not experience intense cravings.

A Good Clean START. A fresh new YOU. A happier & healthier FAMILY.  It does not have to be complicated, small changes add up and are often easier to stick with. Pick what works for you whether it is dipping your toes in a type of change or the full on superhero type of change. There is no rush, not one checkpoint on the list below is a fad. They are all sustainable changes that are intended to improve your health and happiness.  It is about the cumulative effect of small tweaks to your system, done at your pace that create big and lasting improvements on your life.

So here are some healthy Good Clean Start habits to coax you into turning over your new leaf. Pick one or a few, but just do it, dive in!


Brand New You

Good Clean Start: A Brand New You

  1. Drink room temperature water first thing in the morning, with a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Make your own green smoothies and juices.
  3. Eat at least 5 veggies a day especially green leafy green types (toss in smoothies, salads, soups, pastas etc).
  4. Try meatless and dairy-less Mondays - Start with these vegan empanadas or alfajores.
  5. Eat a rainbow: Eat fruits & vegetables of every color you can find in the produce section (Colored produce is chock-full of the vitamins, minerals & phytonutrients your body needs).
  6. Meditate for at least 5-15 minutes a day.  Need help? Try a guided meditation CD from Deepak Chopra. Listen to it here
  7. Eat less processed foods or foods that advertise being healthy. True health foods are not advertised.
  8. Plan your week's meals and snacks. Planning and prepping is the key to success. Request your weekly meal planner here.
  9. Stock a healthy pantry.  Don't know how? Want to learn once and for all? I can help, Contact me.
  10. Set aside time to organize and prep meals for the week's lunches and dinners.
  11. Make big batches of staples so you can have a quick healthy option anytime. Examples: make big batch of quinoa, brown rice, steel cut oats, hard boiled eggs, granola, trail mix, cut up veggies, etc.
  12. Try a new veggie each week.
  13. Go to a farmers market (stay a while, enjoy the healthy atmosphere, talk to the people).
  14. Sign up for a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Find one near you at www.localharvest.org
  15. Buy or borrow a new cookbook or find recipes online that inspire you. Visit my recipes page for some healthful, delectable recipes.
  16. Pick out recipes with your kids, significant others, family or friends.
  17. Exercise or move your body in any way that you enjoy.
  18. Schedule time for yourself to do something that relaxes you or brings you joy.
  19. Get support from family and friends - let them know of the healthy habits you are practicing.
  20. Delegate activities or chores that drain you.
  21. Find healthy versions of your favorite foods.
  22. Eat mindfully, slowly chewing each bite 20 times or more, I bet you feel satisfied sooner.
  23. Spend time in nature.
  24. Turn the TV off.
  25. Turn your phone off.
  26. Do something that scares you.
  27. Take a bath with epsom salt.
  28. Do self-abhy massage. Watch the video.
  29. Eat at least two meals per day sitting down.
  30. Have a family meal, no TV on, beginning with grace or a statement of gratitude.
  31. Eat what is in season and look up the health benefits of ingredients you are eating.
  32. Forgive someone.
  33. Write a gratitude list.
  34. Write a handwritten letter.
  35. Play a game with a child (let them choose the game).
  36. Write down positive affirmations for yourself and place them in strategic places where you can be reminded frequently of your intentions.
  37. Make a vision board.
  38. Love what you do.
  39. Put a love note in your child's or significant other's lunch or shoe to brighten their day.
  40. Laugh!

If you need some coaching on how to check off every single life-changing action on this list contact me for a free consultation here.

Cheers to you and your Good Clean Start,




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  1. April September 10, 2011

    Thank you, Andrea! What a great list!

    • Andrea September 11, 2011

      Thanks April! Do you have any to add I would love to hear?

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