Love is all that Matters

It's February and the topic is LOVE.  Let's get away for a moment from the Hallmark driven ideals of love and re-connect with the true meaning of love.  I too am guilty of getting wrapped up in the frenzy of Valentine's day cards, fancy dinners, boxed chocolates, Valentine's message hearts and all.  But none of these things leave me feeling more love or fulfilled after it is all said and done.  But, when I spend time in stillness, connecting my mind, body & spirit with yoga, mudras, mantras, meditation and of course time with family I feel big time LOVE. I feel love so BIG it is busting at the seams and ready to be shared.  And as with the law of attraction, the more you give of something the more of it you receive. When I take the time to connect to my true nature in this way then love just seems to flow in and out of my heart with great ease.  What do you do to feel the LOVE?


I LOVE mudras. They are poses with the hands that combine energy with intention. Mudras offer an easy way to focus and turn inward. I like to use them during a morning meditation or in my office on a particularly hectic day.  This mudra in particular cultivates love and joy in the heart.  It is called the Padma Mudra or lotus mudra.

Padma Mudra Good Clean Health

Padma (Lotus) Mudra photo by Micahel Garro, Good Clean Health



A mantra that goes well with this mudra as offered by my yoga teacher, is "My heart is filled with love and joy".  Repeat this mantra as you have your hands in the center of your chest in the Padma Mudra.  Repeating the mantra as much as feel right to you or choosing your own mantra that suits you better.


There are certain poses in yoga that open the chest,  and therefore open your heart so love can flow through you and radiate to those around you.  Upward-facing dog is one  of those poses.  This pose strengthens your back and arms, invigorates your heart and lungs, stimulates the thyroid gland as well as builds stamina.  Please note: DO NOT practice this pose without a proper warm up.  If you are new to yoga and you are interested in beginning a practice please contact me or find a registered yoga instructor near you.

If you are interested in learning more about yoga poses, mantras, mudras and meditations and would like that information organized in daily doses I highly recommend The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga Guidebook by Dr. David Simon

Upward Facing Dog Pose: Pure Love

Upward Facing Dog Pose: Pure Love

Yoga: Upward-facing dog on the beach with my daughter. Pure Love.

Sunset on the beach. We are surrounded by love, we just need to open our heart to it. I hope this post with help.

Surf at Sunset San Diego

Surf at Sunset San Diego - photo by Michael Garro, Good Clean Health

LOVE  is meant to be shared.  I love all of you in the Good Clean Health community.  If you feel the love,  please share GCH with your friends and family.

Tree Pose Good Clean Health

Having some fun at the photo shoot. Family Fun, Love & Yoga - Good Clean Health


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