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"Make time for yourself"

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

WOW! Being a mom can sure be a difficult job.  The importance of our role and the responsibility it bears is simply overwhelming at times.  However, as we know, it is also absolutely the most rewarding part of our lives and I know every mother would agree - we would not change it for the world.  As mothers we are in a constant state of decision-making. Should we exert our authority or step back and let our children spread their wings?  Should you walk them through it or let them learn from their own mistakes?  Thinking of my own mother and all the mothers I know and have known in my life, an attribute I see and admire most is the ability of these incredibly strong female figures to maintain a level of stillness and peace despite the rigors of day-to-day motherhood.  

As moms we are the cohesive force that keeps our family machine moving forward.  Therefore, at any given moment the mood we are in and state of our being has an enormous impact on our family as a whole.  That is a HUGE responsibility.  I know we all want the best for our families but do we know how to achieve it? I do. It may sound crazy, it may sound self-centered, it may sound too simple but it works...MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF

I cannot emphasize enough how important self-care is for a successful and happy mother.  In order to be peaceful and still we must give ourselves the time to recharge our mom batteries.  As a mother you may feel that by taking time for yourself to meditate, exercise, get a manicure, take a yoga class, go out with friends, etc. you are somehow being selfish.  Au contraire my friends.  Taking time to breathe, balance and reinvigorate allows you to give more of yourself to your family and to all who depend on you.  Want to be a better mother?  Want to add calmness and peace to your soul?  Want to set the stage for your family's success and joy? It's simple... Breathe, Balance and Be Happy.

Enjoy this poem (print it and hang it up as a reminder).  A great reminder to take care of yourself and pamper yourself not just today but everyday.  Your family will thank you.


It is said, "She who values her body
more than dominion over the empire
can be given custody of the empire."

Taking care of yourself is your responsibility.
If  mother values herself, her
children value her. She teaches self-esteem by her example.
Her peaceful demeanor
communicates love to all who come in contact with her.
Knowing when to sacrifice the self and when to
nuture the self comes with
daily mindfulness. Pay attention
to your body's signals. Observing
your feelings each day,eventually
you will be able to take time for yourself before it
becomes an angry demand. This enables you to give
of yourself appropriately, without resentment.

by Vimala McClure

Happy Mother's Day


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  1. Chelsea May 14, 2011

    Saved, I love your blog! :)

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