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I know many of you are feeling much like I am about the recent disaster in Japan and asking yourself the question, "How can I help?"

 A catastrophic event such as this can shed light on who we are as human beings.  It gives us perspective and helps us realize our innate urge to look past our own hardships in order to extend a hand to others in grave need.   We go through our busy day striving to achieve at work or be the best mom we can be, but all the while we know we are part of a bigger picture.  For this reason I have created a way for all of us living Good Clean Health to help the people of Japan.  Visit any page on my website and at the bottom of your screen you will find a link to ‘Donate to Japan’.  The mission of Good Clean Health is to help the world heal, balance and transform one person at a time. We can all make this mission successful by donating whatever we can.  We may not be hearing as much about it in the news as time goes on but the need for help is very real and will be there for years to come.

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