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3-month Weight Loss Program - Good Clean Health

3-month Weight Loss Program

A program that will guide and support you to becoming the best version of YOU.

A program that will guide and support you from being you to becoming You-Plus (a healthier more radiant and joyous you). This is a comprehensive program where your goals are clearly defined and an action plan is created specifically for you to become you-plus. This program has abundant one on one time built in which will provide the space and support for you to fully transform.

By the completion of this program you will know how to shop for and prepare simple and highly nutritious meals for you and your family. You will be a master of time management so that you can consistently have time for what is truly important. You-plus will be enjoying increased self confidence and enjoying your body at it’s ideal weight without deprivation. You will be in the flow of life, and be given the tools to enjoy this improved lifestyle. This program will nourish you. It is not about deprivation but about, loving exercise, healthy seasonal whole foods, having MyOM time (self-care for mom), and embracing your life as You plus.

Your Program Includes:

  • Standard 3-Month Program and Delux 6-Month Programs Available
  • At-Home Learning: Do your entire program over the phone or internet
  • 2 monthly 50 min sessions per month for 3 or 6 months at a consistent mutually agreed upon time
  • A pantry makeover, where we look at what you are eating by going through fridge and pantry and finding Good Clean versions of the foods your family enjoys
  • Intensive meal planning,strategizing, specific recipes for you and your families needs
  • In depth review of common allergens and consideration of your possible food sensitivities or allergies
  • In depth education on supplementation
  • Detailed exercise plan and journaling support to meet food and body goals
  • GCH body and beauty personalized plan
  • In this program we have time to learn more health and wellness topics and dive into them in more depth
  • Access to a wealth of health and wellness resources including topics such as
  • Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Weight-loss, Stress Relief and fitting health into a busy schedule
  • Free Shipping on Health & Wellness Supplements
  • Program available in English & Spanish
  • email and text support

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